Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Video: Gunny’s reaction to “He’s a Marine”

Gunny Cote wasn't too impressed with his Marine presence on TikTok.

“He’s a Marine” Tik Tok Video Reaction Hosted by The Enlisted Club's OG Lady Leatherneck, Cpl LaFleur (Insta: @freedom.and.fleurs), enjoy the reactions of...

The Safety Brief

First Sergeant has some word he needs passed down to the platoon prior to liberty.

Recruit makes major error

Marines are a little touchy when it comes to getting their nomenclature correct. We are Marines, not Soldiers.

Every Marine a Janitor

Throwback to the good ol' days at MCT or SOI, let’s be honest, you all have a picture like this, whether you’re...

10 things you never say to a Marine

@leatherneckforlife and @kbarsoapco hosted an IGTV stream with our oicks for the 10 worst things you can say to a Marine. Check...

Mattis lets cop off easy

General "Mad Dog" Mattis was reported to be traveling at speeds in excess of the posted limit. When the police officer, a...

Video: Marine reacts to recruits

Green Skivvy Mask

More cartoons by @the_sun_draws Fine Dining at MCRDThis recruit is about to paythe feeling when you slept in and...

Doc declines invite

Doc, I think you're being a little Petty. Now grab some fresh socks and let's hit this little hill of mine!

Salty Proverbs 1-5

Embrace The SuckThe only easy day was yesterdayBeing ready is not what matters, what matters is winning when you get there.The Marine...

Master Guns Memes – Block 1

Collection of Master Guns Memes - Enlist in the Club to never miss Master Guns!

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