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Dark Green – Book by Jay Jones

The term Dark Green is a Common reference to a Marine's skin color. Marines are told that there is no black or white as it comes to race, the saying goes. This book is one man’s journey on how your environment, experiences and willingness to accept change affects your view on this subject.

The Enlisted Club highlights content from veterans from all walks of life. We all share common values but we all have very different points of views. Our camaraderie gives us a unique connection to meet other veterans for the first time and have an already established bond. This bond allows us to learn from each other. I found DARK GREEN on facebook and contacted the author right away. I think we can all learn from his point of view regarding race and the military. Below is a note from the author on why he wrote the book.

I wrote this book because Marines have always shown the way. Hopefully,
by writing it, it results in a more open dialog and communication amongst us all. Unfortunately, these attributes have seemed to be forgotten in our current environment.

On my journey in becoming a Marine, I also grew as a human being by learning to embrace others who were different than myself. Yes, I clearly saw them as brothers. Yes, we all have built in biases which is also unfortunate. However, Marines recognize this flaw and
grow to understand that it means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

As Marines, we are told to ignore race from the moment we step onto the revered yellow footprints. My hope is that after reading this series, we will sit down and embrace the differences in our fellow man. Then, and only then, will we understand that those very differences are what makes us stronger as a society.

This book highlights one man’s journey illustrating how one’s environment, life experiences and willingness to accept change affects our view on embracing others. I hope that after reading the series, we can do as we have always done: Lead from the front by exemplifying our values as Marines.

The paperback book, Dark Green is on sale now here

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