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History of the Marine Corps

We’re honored to join forces with The Enlisted Club and dig into the history and traditions of
the United States Marines Corps.
Marines have always embraced their origins with profound respect. Our ancestry is part of our
identity and most Marine Corps customs are based on the actions of the men and women who
came before us. The importance of our legacy isn’t a platitude we tell ourselves. History and
tradition are values embedded in us early in our careers, and it is something that stays with us
throughout our life. Before any Marine graduate’s boot camp, he or she is required to pass
academics testing, which includes knowledge on Marine Corps history, customs, and courtesies.
Ask any Marine about the origin of the Marine Corps and they’ll be able to tell you. I’m sure
many Marines reading this are reciting it now: Marines were recruited in Tun Tavern,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 10, 1775.
The knowledge you learned in boot camp doesn’t scratch the surface of Marine Corps history:
Why were Marines recruited in a bar? Who was Samuel Nicholas and why was he selected as
the first commandant? What did the Marines do during the American Revolution? We’ll go
deep into the Marine Corps archives. We’ll take a look at journal entries from Marines,
Congressional correspondence, and letters written by senior officials. We’ll explore battles,
strategies, political decisions, and public opinions of the time. All our information is collected
from accepted historical records and we’ll dig into the details of Marine Corps events.
To understand Marine origins, you first need to understand the importance of taverns in
Colonial America. We’re going back to the beginning. Before the United States was a nation
and before Continental Marines existed. Back to a time when taverns served “small beers” to
children and alcohol was preferred to water. Check back often to read more. If you think
Marines are exaggerating about being the best, stick around, and I’ll prove you wrong.

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