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Navy Captain Fired, re-hired, and fired again.

Due to a strange clerical error, Captain of the USS Roosevelt who was fired on a controversial issue regarding asking for help for his crew was rehired largely due to public support over the situation. But only a day later due to some admin f*ck up he received a message that he was once again fired. 

When word reached his crew of the second firing, there wasn’t as much surprise as you’d expect. Petty Officer third class Mike Jeffrey told The E Club, “civilians might find this ridiculous or surprising but anyone who’s served in the military, like, ever, knows this kinda bullshit is just another day at sea. Those guys in the rear with the gear couldn’t find the pointy end of this ship even if we drove it through their office door. I mean, hell, I spent 4 weeks on the wrong boat because my last name was spelled wrong on my orders. The Navy had to fly me first class from Thailand back to Pearl where I waited another 2 weeks before the ship I was supposed to be on finally pulled into port. I’m sure the Skipper will be fine. We’ll be here chipping paint until the brass pulls their heads out. In the mean time, we all wish the Captain well.”

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