Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Is my son going to be Infantry?

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5 Best Army Memes

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4 Soldiers prove Army is better than Marines.

4 Soldiers prove Army is better than Marines.

Should a Few Good Men have ended differently?

#qp_main2812460 .qp_btna:hover input {background:#00355F!important} #qp_all2812460 {max-width:815px; margin:0 auto;}Should a Few Good Men have ended differently? No, Tom Cruise nailed it! Yes, we need Col. Jessup on...

Financial Assistance for veterans affected by Covid-19

COVID-19 Emergency Financial Assistance Relief CLICK HERE TO APPLY The COVID-19 Emergency Financial Relief Program was...

Army Vs Marines Rap Battle

Time to settle the score, who's better? The US Army or the United States Marines!

Marines hold mentor program for Army soldiers.

Camp Pendleton (Horno, 52 Area) Last Wednesday, Marines hosted several US Army Soldiers at an event hoping to allow...

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