Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Recruit makes major error

Marines are a little touchy when it comes to getting their nomenclature correct. We are Marines, not Soldiers.

10 things you never say to a Marine

@leatherneckforlife and @kbarsoapco hosted an IGTV stream with our oicks for the 10 worst things you can say to a Marine. Check...

Marines try to recruit bee attack survivor

Marine Recruiter from Jacksonville, FL told E club today they couldn't think of anything they heard that was more Grunt in their...

Dark Green – Book by Jay Jones

The Enlisted Club highlights content from veterans from all walks of life. We all share common values but we all have very...

History of the Marine Corps

We’re honored to join forces with The Enlisted Club and dig into the history and traditions ofthe United States Marines Corps.Marines have...

Green Skivvy Mask

More cartoons by @the_sun_draws Fine Dining at MCRDThis recruit is about to paythe feeling when you slept in and...

Master Guns Memes – Block 1

Collection of Master Guns Memes - Enlist in the Club to never miss Master Guns!

What is the best Marine Corps Movie?

Select your choice below. Did we miss your favorite? Tell us in the comments so we can un-f*ck ourselves.

Is my son going to be Infantry?

Take the quiz and find out

Master Guns – No Chute

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9mUWjl2D-o Master Guns prefers to free fall because apparently, parachutes are for POGs.

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There is so many unique veteran-centric non-profits that exist: you just have to find them. One of...

When Veterans watch action movies

https://youtu.be/QZBVdWKCR08 Never fails, we watch a movie and five minutes in... WHAT THE ACTUAL F is going...