Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Gunny’s one liners

https://youtu.be/LSkpQDNJRUk Gunny always has some ridiculous one liners we've all heard wayyyyy too many times. Did we...

How you wake up in the military as you get older

Some facts from military veteran Yusha Thomas - check out his YouTube Channel here! - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRUKjtoKGAHFWfME4R4cQsg/videos

Green Skivvy Mask

More cartoons by @the_sun_draws Fine Dining at MCRDThis recruit is about to paythe feeling when you slept in and...

Master Guns Memes – Block 1

Collection of Master Guns Memes - Enlist in the Club to never miss Master Guns!

5 Best Army Memes

Have a meme we missed? Let us know in comments below.

Marines experiencing more budget cuts, use notional drones.

Sgt Capelli of 3/6 Marines throws a notional drone. Budget cuts across various units will have impact on training. Blanks will be...

Master Guns Actual – The Drop

The premiere episode of Master Guns Actual.

Top Five USMC Memes of 2019

According to our followers, these are the top 5 memes from 2019 based on likes. Did we miss one? Let us know in the...

Marines to offer bootcamp for hearing impaired.

In an effort to be more inclusive and to help recruiters meet new quotas, hearing waivers were authorized by MCRD Parris Island....

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There is so many unique veteran-centric non-profits that exist: you just have to find them. One of...

When Veterans watch action movies

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