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The Best Massage You Ever Had

Ok, maybe not the best because I am not talking happy endings here, what I am talking about is a real pain relieving, lasting results, massage.

I was injured in Iraq in 2004 in a massive IED blast, add that to years of humping a pack in the infantry, motorcycle accidents, car accidents and work in construction and you have a recipe for serious chronic pain. I have tried everything the VA has prescribed for pain meds, I have done yoga, dry needling, chiropractic adjustments and traction. They all take the edge off and help in various ways and when I used to get massages it seemed like the knots just wouldn’t let go. That is until I tried a massage with CBD cream.

I have been using CBD “tactical cream” from Guardian Naturals for a few months now and the first thing I noticed was the instant pain relief which was not what I was expecting. So after seeing those results from just rubbing the cream on my neck, wrist and elbow, I figured why not have my massage therapist rub the cream in while he’s massaging my back and shoulders.

2500 MG Tactical Cream from Guardian Naturals

The result was by far the most relaxing massage I have ever had. The pain in my neck and back were gone and I was what I can only describe as extremely chill. The chronic pain I suffer from tends to make me agitated or on edge and my patience is pretty low, which is not an enjoyable way to spend your day. So, when I didn’t feel the pain and I felt so relaxed, it was a very noticeable difference. That relief and overall chill lasted about 3 full days, and it was awesome.

I wanted to test the results, so about a month later, after sitting a car for several hours and being very tense in my neck, back and shoulders, I went back for another massage. I told the massage therapist the results and he was very interested. Again, the massage left me feeling completely calm, pain free, and relaxed. I also slept better than I have in a long time. My massage therapist actually bought the same cream for himself.

I am a huge advocate for people like me, who suffer in pain constantly to do research, try things out and do your best to relieve that pain. Prescription drugs help take the pain away momentarily but for me they seemed to do more long term damage to my stomach and body in general than they provided relief. The nice thing about the Guardian Naturals Cream is it is very pure, has excellent quality ingredients, and has ZERO THC. That, and it just plain works.


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