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Today is Patriots Day

Today is Patriots Day honoring the famous battle in Lexington and Concord Massachusetts April 19th 1775.  Why is Patriots day celebrated today on April 20th?  Here are some interesting facts:

  1. Up until 1969 Patriots day was celebrated on April 19th.  In 1969 it was switch to the third Monday in April.
  2. Only 5 states celebrate it.  Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Wisconsin, and North Dakota.
  3. In 1894, the town of Lexington petitioned Governor  Frederic T. Greenhalge to celebrate Lexington Day.  Concord Massachusetts soon followed with a petition for Concord day.  The compromise was Patriots Day.
  4. The largest part of the battle was actually in the town of Menotomy (Present Day Arlington, MA) where minutemen formed an ambush on retreating red coats.
  5. It also marked the first bloodshed of the American Civil War in the Baltimore riot of 1861
  6. The Boston Marathon is run every year on this day.  Traditionally the Red Sox host a home game that starts at 11:00 AM so that people can see the end of the race after the game ends. This started back in 1969. 

Covid-19 may have disrupted the hell out of 2020 but let’s not let that stop us from remembering and celebrating like it’s 1775 (or maybe even 2019).  Cheers!


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