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Video: Marine reacts to recruits


  1. Went in 97. Was the most valuable experience of a lifetime.I was 27 at times . called me gramps and I was definitely pushed to my limits and beyond. Forever grateful sdi ssgt borghese. Semper fi

  2. Three days in receiving barracks processing, etc. Some how we thought the D.I.s would come and save us. A Jr. Hat fetched us. We picked up our locker boxes, and put them on are shoulders, and double timed about a 1/4 of a mile to 3rd Battalion, MCRD, San Diego, Ca. We looked like little boys, with new clothes, and hadn’t quite figured out how to dress yet. We ducked walk around our huts that were surrounded with sand, with the locker boxes still on our shoulders…..THEY CALLED IT GRASS. .We messed up the grass, so we were punished. We removed all the racks out on the street, and shovel sand into the huts. Now we had to clean the huts, and if the D.I. found one grain of sand….. WE WOULD BE PUNISHED AGAIN! Hell, you can’t have much fun then that!


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